How long sleep upright after hair transplant

One of the most important questions after hair transplantation , after how many days can you sleep in normal positions ?

Sleep Position after hair transplant

It is recommended that you sleep for 3 days with the neck pillow given to you after hair transplantation. You can switch to the normal lying position about 2 weeks after hair transplantation. After 1 week, you can sleep on the right side. A ten-day period may not be comfort in a little sleep. however, this is a sensitive issue for your hair growth going forward. The factors that determine the sleeping position are related to the fact that the hair transplant area does not come into contact with any other object.

After surgery, you will need to take some time off from work or school to recover. It may also be helpful to have someone who can stay with you if you are uncomfortable at home alone. If possible, ask your doctor what kind of medication he/she recommends before you go back to bed.

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