DHI Transplant cost in Istanbul in 2022

DHI transplant cost in Istanbul in 2022 .This has a lot to do with the economy, and nothing to do with the quality of the procedure. However, before you choose a clinic, you should check out their website, read testimonials, and research their expertise. Don’t just accept the lowest price. If the results are as good in the US, there’s no reason to pay more.

DHI transplant refers to a surgical procedure where hair follicles have been inserted into the balding region using a pen-like device. The surgeon should ensure that the hair follicles are correctly and quickly placed in the area for transplantation. The procedure is much quicker than FUE and does not require scalp surgery. This technique does not cause damage to healthy hair.

DHI hair transplant in Turkey costs less than the US and UK. DHI clinics are more affordable than US doctors, which can charge anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 for hair transplants. Patients from Europe and the US have been coming to Istanbul for years in order to undergo this procedure. They have been very happy with the results. A DHI hair transplant in Turkey costs less than half what it would in the UK and USA.

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